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Fifty years ago, nine black students known as "The Little Rock Nine" were refused entry into Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas, by Governor Orval Faubus

Directly across the street from the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site are seven historical houses that became “silent witnesses” to the racial discrimination and prejudices of the era.

The Little Rock school integration crisis was an important test of the U. S. Supreme Court’s historic decisions: Mendez v. Westminister (1947), Westminister, California, and Brown v. Board of Education (1954) of Topeka, Kansas ( ). The Arkansas National Guard later federalized by President Dwight Eisenhower, and the U. S.  Army 101st Airborne Division, were deployed to enforce the Supreme Court order to integrate the school.

Little Rock Central High School

"Journey to Life"

1411 Park Street, 1417 Park Street, 1421 Park Street and 1501 Park Street

No longer "silent witnesses” these unique houses are being restored as part of an emerging “global humanitarian park” where all will be welcomed to work together for global societal change. PARK CENTRAL’S goal is to restore these special houses and develop a learning and resource center on global issues of strife. Though there has been much progress through the years life is rife with strife.  More that one billion people do not have access to clean water. Young children are being sexually exploited.  Racial and religious conflicts exist. Fourteen million children have been orphaned from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Children in Uganda are being snatched out of their homes during the night and being forced to serve as child soldiers!

During your visit to PARK CENTRAL Little Rock you can take an exciting journey to learn about our country’s history as well as the issues on strife  that are affecting our world today and how you can make a difference. Visit the historic PARK CENTRAL in Little Rock, Arkansas, and tour the educational exhibit gallery. Sponsor a child or a community in another country, and have your students exchange letters. Share cultures. Provide necessities like clean water to a community in need.

Join our collaboration of schools, teachers, students, families, charitable and other significant organizations and communities around the world. Help us create a better world through education, awareness and global mobilization.

‘Join the Journey’ To Life Campaign. Be a lifeline.

Click on a house photo and find out how you too can make a difference today. Experience a change of heart in the park!

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“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go TOGETHER.”

African Proverb
Park Central - Little Rock

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