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During Construction:

Welcome to Washington Heritage House

The Washington Heritage House will be a gathering place for visitors and local residents and a welcome venue complementing the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site.

Visitors to the stately Heritage House can look forward to relaxing in a beautifully restored sitting room, while sipping a cup of coffee or tea. The Washington family original collection of books and artifacts will also be displayed for viewing pleasure. During special hours of the day the Heritage House will offer a personal “window” into history by providing storytellers or crafts-people who will engage visitors with vivid historical tales. Each story-teller will offer visitors a chance to “step back in time” where they can experience history in a new and insightful manner. The Heritage House will be a place for mentoring guests in an appropriate place to dialogue and share in a home-like environment. Participants will be offered a place to freely engage with others and find different avenues to explore and appreciate the arts and reading.

Anticipated Opening Marks The 50th Anniversary of the 1957 Little Rock High School Historical Event

The Washington Heritage House – Opening Soon

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