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A Global Humanitarian Initiative
Bringing the World to the Community…study

Welcome to the Wesley and Addie Hayes House currently being restored to authentic time period! Anticipated opening on the 50th anniversary of the historical 1957 Little Rock Central High event.

The Wesley and Addie Hayes House
In honor of Wesley and Addie Hayes, pioneers in public education, the Hayes House Office – a learning, resource and research center will foster an eagerness for expanded "cultural responsive" education for teachers, students and all guests. PARK CENTRAL will seek and encourage partnerships with the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, schools, teachers, students, families, colleges, universities, charitable organizations, communities and other appropriate institutions around the world.

The primary focus of the Hayes House program is to bridge and build alliances, collaborations and partnerships with local, national and global associations to promote community, societal change and cutting edge research. In addition, cutting-edge media and interactive exhibits will be developed.

Designed as an office, learning, resource and research center with small conference areas for group meetings and discussions, the Hayes House will offer lab stations for on-going research managed by a full time staff and interns. Research on current issues such as the HIV/AIDS crisis, malaria, elder abuse, racial and religious discrimination and poverty will be explored.

Guests to this facility will:
  • Learn through video-conferencing
  • Participate in interactive student laboratories
  • Correspond and communicate with other students around the world through blogs, e-mail and video conferencing
  • Participate in literacy learning programs
  • Spread the word! Send an e-mail to other schools, post on message boards or have your own teacher blog or website
  • Promote the ‘Journey to Life’ Campaign. Make a difference today. Be a lifeline.

The Hayes House – Opening Soon

Yes, I want to support the restoration of this house. Donate NOW to help in the restoration process.

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