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Welcome to The PARK CENTRAL Little Rock Gallery
A Global Humanitarian Initiative
Bringing the World to the Community…educate

Welcome to PARK CENTRAL Gallery

Art is meant to evoke passion, awareness and response, and the PARK CENTRAL Gallery will strive to do just that.

Take an exciting journey to learn about our country’s history as well as the issues that are affecting our world today. Through the use of stimulating photography, painting, sculpture and mixed media art forms, guests will be challenged to reflect and ponder on the world today and “rife with strife” issues.

Though there has been much progress through the years, challenging issues and disparities still exist. More than one billion people do not have access to clean water. Young children are being sexually exploited. Fourteen million children have been orphaned from the HIV/AIDS pandemic. Young children in Uganda are being snatched out of their homes during the night and being forced to serve as child soldiers. People die from malaria for lack of medicine and nets. Racial and religious strife still exist.

Through continuous art exhibits, PARK CENTRAL guests will have the privilege to learn how artistic expression can bring about greater world awareness and also challenge them to be active participants in being a part of the solution to world problems. A dynamic staff of art docents and student interns will be available to answer questions and help facilitate group discussion. As a part of an on-going mission to educate and inform, the PARK CENTRAL Gallery will foster creative growth and use artistic expression as an avenue towards educating children about the world around them.

Partnering with other life-changing organizations is part of our growing vision. In the next few months, you will be able to view our partnership with World Vision and other significant organizations and how together we can bring worldwide global change to meet even the most basic of needs to individuals and communities around the world.

THE PARK CENTRAL Gallery - Opening Soon

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