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Restore and Renew These Historic
Homes Into A Learning-Research Center On Global Issues

Directly across the street from Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site location of the 1957 school integration crisis, are seven unique houses that became “silent witnesses” to the racial discrimination and prejudices of the era. Our mission is to restore these special houses and develop a learning, resource and research center on global issues of strife where men, women and children will be enlightened, challenged and empowered on issues of conflict affecting our world today such as prejudice, discrimination, exploitation of children, hunger, disease, poverty and neighborhood and environmental deterioration. With your help we can move from the pain of strife to the power of life.

The restoration and renaissance of these historic homes as a global humanitarian park.

PARK CENTRAL Little Rock’s goal is to help create a better world through education, awareness and global mobilization. Join our partnership of schools, teachers, students, families, universities, charitable organizations and communities around the world to make a difference! Join the ‘Journey To Life ‘ Campaign. Be a lifeline.

PARK CENTRAL Little Rock – Opening To Be Announced

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